Does your Apple iPad come with user instructions?

If you’ve just bought an Apple iPad you’re probably looking for a user guide or some instructions in a manual, something to show you the inbuilt features or teaching you how to use your Apple iPad most efficiently. So what do you do? I made the mistake of paying for classes at The Apple Store, my advice to you is don’t fall for the same trick. It was good fun and I did learn a few things but I didn’t learn any where near enough as I should. I also downloaded an instruction manual off the internet, but it was either written by some one whose main language was not english, or by some one who had presumed I had used an iPad before. I was a PC user until last year. I just couldn’t follow it properly. And having to flick through hundreds of pages in a pdf document, looking for the right page is frustrating.

Lessons at the store

Learning the hard way.

So I began searching the internet and I came across an Apple iPad Video Lessons Offer web site. It is a site run by a bloke who calls himself iPad Pete, and what he doesn’t know about iPads isn’t worth knowing. I wish I had found about this site before I paid for my Apple Store iPad lessons. I purchased his fantastic product and found I received over 100 videos teaching me stuff I never knew my iPad could do. No more flicking through pdf’s, just pick the video by subject and learn instantly. It was so much fun sitting down and going over another video, seeing what else I would discover. I think I drove my family crazy with all the “Look what else I can do now” all the time. I didn’t need an instruction manual or a user guide, everything I needed to know was here on a video, at my instant access, every time I needed it, any time I wanted, at my fingertips. There is nothing easier than having a video showing you the screen you’re seeing as you do the same thing on your screen. A downloadable instruction manual or an online user guide can never teach you in the same way a video can. No way! It’s a fact. And it was such a small price to pay considering the amount of knowledge myself and my family (and a few friends) had gained. If you are undecided about whether its for you, just ask your self, “Do I want to want to be a part of the next generation, or do I want to be the person with the Beta Video Player on my shelf?”

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Apple Store

The instructor

If I offered to come to your house or work, and show you one great tip for your iPad you’d pay me $1 right? Well that’s about what the Video Lessons Offer works out to. One dollar per video, you won’t get an Apple course for that price believe me, I bought them both and I can guarantee you which was better. But take my word for it because iPad Pete also offers a sixty day money back guarantee, and ongoing updates as they become available. So you can really check it out and see just what you can learn. What more could you ask? If we are all going down The Tablet Highway, then you might as well go down it with a good knowledge base. If iPads are to become the must have item of the decade, then you’ll need to be in on the ground floor with a head start over everybody else. And even if you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for your family. My daughter told me there was nothing anybody could teach her about computers, because she’d been using them her whole life, then after showing her a couple of tricks I learnt, I noticed her going through the videos by herself one night. And she uses an iPad every day at school, it’s mandatory at her school for every student to have an iPad for their school work. So if teenagers don’t know about this stuff then what hope have we got! Some work places are are also going with iPads, so it is imperative we learn as much as we can about how best to use them.

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Testing the iPhone

How do you take pictures?

So why don’t Apple give you instructions? I think they want you to come back to their store so that they can get add on sales. It is not in their best interests to have all of us being experts because then their experts knowledge base is down played and may become redundant. This will be the way of the future so you definitely need a good understanding of the features of your iPad, and that information doesn’t come in a user guide or with an instruction manual. You need a better understanding and there is no better way to learn than with video lessons.

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